Government ayurveda college junagadh


Roga Nidan and Vikriti Vigyan Department

Roganidan Evam Vikriti Vigyan is related with diagnosis of disease which is essential for accurate treatment. Unless the physician has proper knowledge of Roganidan and Vikriti Vigyan he/she won’t be able to cure the disease.

This subject is related to understanding the process of development of disease and diagnosis with the help of Ayurvedic parameters.As per the nature of causative factors Doshas become visiated. Such Doshas later visiate Dhatu, Agni, Mala and Srotas and produce many diseases. To understand the disease, many factors should be taken into consideration e.g. Nidana, Doshas, Dhatu, Mala, Agni, Prakriti, Desha,Kala etc. Mainly in Ayurved diagnosis is done with the mean of Nidan Panchaka. Other examination aids are Trividha, Shadavidha, Ashtavidha, Dashavidha Pariksha.