Government ayurveda college junagadh


Raivatak Vanaushadhi-Vatika (RVV)

One of most important component of a College is a huge botanical garden named “Raivatak Vanaushadhi-Vatika (RVV)’’ which covers nearly 6000sq. meter area of the campus. Presently gardener named Bavanjibhai is taking care for the garden.

Across the garden, appx. 400 types of different plant species are available and total number of plants crosses the magical number of 5000. Mainly the plants which covers the syllabus as per NCISM have been planted, though non syllabus plants are also available. In plant species, there are nearly 120 species are merely huge trees which is a result of an efforts since long. In addition, approximatly 50 shrubs, 160 herbs and 70 climbers species are also there.

Different plant pockets like Tulasi Van, Kumari Van, Guggulu Van, Giloy Hedge, Pink triad, and Blossom square are elegant part of a garden.

Plants of different habitat other than Gujarat like Cherry, Vacha, Vrikshamala, Chopachini, Jatiphal, Tamal patra, All spices etc planted here. Original species of Patala, Sarpagandha, Chavya, Brihat Agnimanth and rare plants species like Shakhotak, Punnag, Laxmitaru, Mansrohini, Muchukund, Gorakshi, Shyonak, Meshshring,  Rohitak, Mushkak etc are also available in RVV.

One Small Net House (Raivatak Vrikshavaran – Gruh) has been developed for plant protection which are rare and from different habitat. Our genuine efforts towards new plants seedlings also and we distribute them without any cost to needy one and on different occasions like World Enviorment Day.   

The much works like Rashi Van, Naxatra Van, latest irrigation system, QR code based plant data base etc are still in a pipe line.