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Dravyaguna Department

Dravya Guna is one of department among 14 branches.  According to Narahari Pandit, Dravyaguna is included in Ashtang Ayurved also. At present, two faculties are working in this department among one is Professor Vd. Hariom N. Gupta and other is deputed lecturer Vd. Arti Rupani. 

In  Museum We have many dry drug samples of different parts of plant which are collected from garden as well outside during drug tour & field visit and Market near about 550. We have also near  about 70 green drugs which are preserved in formalin. There are also near about 100 charts on different topics of Dravyaguna and 100  plant photo frames.

We  have also well equipped Pharmacognosy laboratory in which we teach microscopy of the different parts of plants as per NCISM syllabus to the students.

We published one book on our college website entitled “Monographs of Dry Drug Samples” in which anyone can easily see photographs of 359 dry drugs available in our museum Based on Collected and Market samples.

We  published one booklet for laymen in gujarati entitled ઔષધિય વનસ્પતિઓની ઓળખ” in which therapeutic uses of 44 kitchen drugs and common plants with their photos are mentioned.

We also prepared 100 charts of kitchen drugs and common plants with their uses and photos for laymen in gujarati

We have one you tube channel of our department in which useful information are there like one short documentary on our garden and one short documentary film on our reknwon Vd. Shri Bapalalji.

Link of our departmental you tube channel is as bellow-

Monographs of Dry Drug Samples_ Dravya Guna GAC Junagadh